Although lipomas are not considered a serious medical condition, you still may be wondering about the best options for lipoma treatments and lipoma removal. Dr. Kamrava is a fellowship-trained and board-certified surgeon who will help determine the type of growth you have. If you have a lipoma, which is a type of benign tumor, Dr. Kamrava will answer all of your questions to make sure you’re properly informed about the differences between lipomas and other skin growths.

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What Are Lipomas?

When fat cells grow in a thin, fibrous capsule just under the skin, the mass is called a lipoma. Lipomas are comprised of soft tissue and do not contain cancerous cells. For this reason, patients diagnosed with a lipoma should not be alarmed. If you think you have a lipoma, getting confirmation from a medical professional is the most important action you can take.

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Dr. Kamrava makes lipoma treatment a quick and easy process. Make sure to see a lipoma specialist to get a thorough evaluation. Follow-up tests may be required if the growth classification is not straightforward. Lipomas generally do not require any further treatment once it is determined that the mass is a soft tissue growth.

Is Lipoma Removal Necessary?

Since lipomas do not cause or lead to cancer, they don’t normally need to be removed. If they become bothersome for a patient, lipoma removal is an option. Some of the reasons for lipoma removal include excessive pain or tenderness, infection, inflammation, or foul-smelling discharge. None of these symptoms indicate that the lipoma is cancerous, but its interference with daily life may prompt removal.

Lipoma Frequently Asked Questions

A lipoma is the most common non-cancerous soft tissue growth. You’ll most likely want to make sure that a growth underneath your skin is benign and not cancer. To get an accurate diagnosis, please feel free to contact Dr. Kamrava, who can be reached at 424.279.8222.

Q: What causes lipomas?

A: Currently there is no method or treatment that can prevent lipomas from forming or growing. The tendency to develop them is hereditary and may increase with age. A minor injury or impact to the skin may trigger the growth.

Q: Are lipomas painful?

A: Although a lipoma is usually a fleshy, painless mass, the location and composition of the lipoma will determine whether or not it is painful. They commonly occur on the back, abdomen, and thighs. If lipomas happen to grow near nerves, pressure placed on the nerves may cause pain. Also, lipomas may contain many blood vessel that potentially produce pain.

Q: When should you see a doctor about lipoma removal?

A: Most lipomas do not need to be removed. However, to ensure that your growth is not cancerous, seeking medical attention for an abnormal lump under your skin is advisable. Even if your doctor believes that the growth is a lipoma, he may still want to remove it to make sure no cancer is present.

Q: How are lipomas diagnosed?

A: When you visit a surgeon trained in lipoma treatment, such as Dr. Kamrava, he’ll be able to identify a lipoma through a visual examination. Lipomas grow just underneath the skin and have a soft texture. As you press on them, they move easily unlike stationary, immobile growths.

Q: What is the best lipoma treatment?

A: Once a lipoma has been properly diagnosed, treatment of the benign growth is not always necessary. If your case does require lipoma removal due to abnormal or disruptive symptoms, Dr. Kamrava will make sure that your lipoma treatment successfully extracts the lipoma from underneath your skin. The surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure. In certain situations, the lipoma can be tested to ensure that it is indeed a non-cancerous lipoma and not a cancerous tumor.

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