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Anal Fistula Causes and Symptoms You Need To Know

An anal fistula is a tiny passage that attaches the infected cavity in the anus, or an abscess, to an opening located around the anus on the skin. If the abscess is left untreated, it can lead to a fistula. Anal Fistula Causes? An anal fistula can be caused by clogged anal glands that are  Continue Reading »

Anal Skin Tag Causes and Should They be Removed?

An anal skin tag is a common and generally harmless excess growth of skin that is around the anus. Usually, anal skin tags are benign and do not cause any pain. However, anal skin tags can sometimes feel itchy or uncomfortable. Generally, it is characterized as a small growth of skin that is the same  Continue Reading »

Avoid Anal Fistulas With These Life Changing Tips

About 200,000 individuals suffer from anal fistulas every year. If not treated immediately, they can become very uncomfortable. Anal fistulas are painful and can even cause bleeding in your anal canal. Luckily, anal fistula laser treatments exist, but what if you can avoid fistulas completely? Los Angeles colorectal surgeon Dr. Allen Kamrava shares 4 top tips  Continue Reading »

3 Warning Signs Of Rectal Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Many common colorectal issues like hemorrhoids can be addressed with simple outpatient procedures such as hemorrhoid laser treatment. However, some colorectal problems can be more significant. In the United States, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death. In addition to scheduling a routine colonoscopy and eating a nutrient-rich diet, Los Angeles colorectal  Continue Reading »

Scientists Attempt to Fight Nightmare Bacteria

A woman in Pennsylvania has contracted a “nightmare bacteria,” a term used to refer to bacterial strains resistant to all antibiotics. While her method of contraction is unknown, scientists believe the strain originated from the United States given that the woman has not traveled overseas. Dr. Kamrava, the Hemorrhoid Specialist Los Angeles, stays up to  Continue Reading »

8 Reasons Why You Need To Get More Sleep

According to colorectal surgeon Dr Kamrava, getting sufficient sleep may make a huge difference in your overall health. Here’s why. We all could use a little more sleep. However, what you may not realize is that getting sufficient sleep may make a huge difference in your overall health. The recommended amount of sleep is between 7 to 8  Continue Reading »

7 Reasons Why Drinking Wine Is Good For Your Health

“And almost every year there are varying results that are presented by websites and media outlets. Interestingly enough many studies have shown that moderately drinking wine grants a variety of health benefits.” – Colorectal surgeon Here are 7 reasons why Drinking Wine is Good for your Health: Reduces the risk of Heart Attack and Heart Disease:  Continue Reading »

7 Must Read Tips For Staying Safe In The Sun

Summer’s finally here, and for millions of Southern California residents this means fun in the sun, beach time, tan bodies and enjoying all the great outdoor activities that the southland has to offer. The warm sun beckons us with its natural vitamin D output, something that people crave and are naturally driven to. However, it is  Continue Reading »

Walnuts Are The New Superfood That Protect Against Colon Cancer

Scientists Say That Eating Walnuts May Be the Solution to Colon Cancer Prevention Walnuts have been shown to be a superfood that prevent colon cancer. In fact, walnuts may be one of the best protectors against colon cancer in the world. Colon cancer is the third most prevalent type of cancer in the U.S. Researchers at  Continue Reading »

Top 10 Super Foods That Will Protect You Against Cancer

These 10 super foods will protect you against cancer, while also keeping you healthy and strong. They will help your body ward off diseases and help boost your energy. Eating these healthy foods will help you live a long and healthy life. Aside from helping lower the risk of cancers, these delicious foods are also  Continue Reading »