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Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

colorectal surgeon los angeles In the United States high blood pressure leads to more than 15% of deaths annually. People with high blood pressure are at greater risk of experiencing a variety of adverse health issues, including heart attack, organ failure, aneurysms & strokes. colorectal surgeon los angeles los angeles colorectal surgeon People suffering from  Continue Reading »

6 Superfoods to Help You Keep the Away Stress

Your Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles, Dr. Kamrava suggests eating these foods to help combat stress   Asparagus may change the color and scent of your urine, but they are very high in folate, an essential B vitamin. Folate helps you to remain calm in stressful times. When steamed or broiled asparagus spears are absolutely delicious.   Continue Reading »

Medical Warning: Splenda May Cause Cancer

A relatively easy way to engage in having a healthy diet is by using additives that replace sugar. It’s often very convenient to simply tear open the nearest sucralose packet, pour it into your coffee and effectively cut your caloric intake. Dr. Kamrava, the Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles, wants you to know that Splenda, a sugar  Continue Reading »

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Kamrava, the Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles, wants you to know that March marks the beginning of Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal cancer is one of the few cancers that can be prevented by prior screening. By building awareness about the disease more screenings can be done, thus possibly reducing the mortality rate of those  Continue Reading »

Are Your Digital Devices Negatively Affecting Your Health?

   Dr. Kamrava, the Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles, wants you to know that eye damage can be a consequence of our attachment to electronics. Many of us are constantly preoccupied with our digital devices. We often use an electronic device after waking, at work, and even when we come home. Essentially, we live in a  Continue Reading »

Dr Kamrava Honored as SuperDoctors Rising Star for 2016

Dr. Kamrava, the colorectal surgeon Beverly Hills, has been recognized as a ‘SuperDoctors Rising Star’ for 2016. This amazing recognition comes on the tails of the doctor’s relentless pursuit to provide quality colorectal care to patients around the country. The doctor recognizes this award as a great achievement and is honored to be considered a  Continue Reading »

Pilonidal Disease: The Ultimate Guide

Pilonidal disease is caused by a cyst that develops at the coccyx (lower tailbone). The cyst fills with puss when infected and looks like a huge pimple. Pilonidal disease occurs more in men than in women, and usually occurs before the age of 40. The cause of Pilonidal disease: Doctors believe that ingrown hairs cause  Continue Reading »

Top 4 New Year’s Resolutions For Healthy Digestion

The new year 2016 is quickly approaching and many people are beginning to make their New Year’s resolutions. Some are choosing to hit the gym while others are vowing to lay off the sugar, but it’s important not to forget your digestive health. Bad eating habits can lead to problems with digestion which can result  Continue Reading »

Colon Cancer: 4 Important Reasons to Get Tested Regularly

Live Longer, Check Your Colon! Approximately 50,000 people die of colon cancer every year in the United States.  Colorectal cancer is a preventable disease, but is still the third leading cancer killer. Colon Cancer is curable with early detection.  Men and women over the age of 50 are recommended to get screenings regularly to catch  Continue Reading »

5 Ways Minimally Invasive Hemorrhoid Treatment Provides Fast Relief

Suffering from chronic hemorrhoids often tests your patience. If you’ve tried over-the-counter medications, but your hemorrhoids persist, discomfort and frustration will start to affect your quality of life. So, what’s the best next step? Minimally invasive hemorrhoid treatment is an effective option that will address the source of your hemorrhoids, rather than just temporarily reduce  Continue Reading »