I  learned too late during my general surgical training that I needed to make study guides for every chapter I read. When I began my fellowship for Colon and Rectal Surgery, I took notes for every single chapter. In preparing for my written and oral boards, I combined these notes and successfully used them to pass both these exams. While it may seem they are the same notes, they are not. My notes for the written boards come primarily from the ASCRS textbook. My notes for the oral boards combined pertinent topics from the ASCRS textbook as well as from other sources and material. In preparing for the written boards, I read the 2nd edition of ASCRS and updated all the notes. I have yet to combine them into a pdf to post here. Below is the first edition taken from the 1st edition of the ASCRS textbook. I provide the following to assist Medical Students, Residents and Fellows in their studies. Much of what is below is in its own draft forms, meaning they are chalk full of spelling and grammatical errors. If you find any errors of information, please do let me know.