Under the expert guidance of Dr. Allen Kamrava, our team is committed to offering you state-of-the-art healthcare solutions. With our focus on modern, minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Allen Kamrava has pioneered the use of the minimally invasive laser for the treatment of pilonidal disease in the office setting, allowing patients to be treated in the comfortable, private, and welcoming atmosphere of Dr. Kamrava’s Beverly Hills office. 

What is Pilonidal Cyst Laser Surgery?

Laser surgery for pilonidal cyst involves using laser energy to obliterate the chronic cyst capsule lining deep within a pilonidal cyst. This procedure is designed to eradicate the cyst while minimizing scarring and post-operative discomfort. It’s a cutting-edge alternative to traditional surgical methods that involve general anesthesia, extensive cutting and stitching. This method is efficient and also less stressful for our patients, promising a quicker return to daily activities. Indeed, one of Dr. Kamrava’s patients played an 18-hole round of golf the next day, another a full competitive volley ball game within 48 hours, and another flew home to Portugal within 24 hours.

Who Needs Laser Pilonidal Cyst Surgery?

If you’ve been experiencing pain near your tailbone or the top of your buttocks, you might be dealing with a pilonidal cyst. These cysts often contain hair and skin debris and can become infected, leading to increased pain and potential complications. Pilonidal cyst laser surgery is suitable for individuals who:

  • Have had recurrent pilonidal cysts.
  • Are experiencing significant discomfort or pain.
  • Are looking for a minimally invasive treatment option.

If you’re searching for “pilonidal cyst laser surgery near me,” our clinic provides the advanced medical care and guidance you’re seeking.

How is Laser Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Performed?

Dr. Allen Kamrava and our skilled team are experts in laser pilonidal cyst removal. Here’s a brief overview of how the procedure is conducted:

  • Preparation: The area around the cyst is shaved, cleaned and sterilized.
  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is administered for patient comfort.
  • Cyst Cleaning: The hair and debris within the cyst is removed fully
  • Laser Treatment: A laser fiber is inserted through a small incision, and laser energy is directed at the cyst capsule to burn it and allow the body to begin the natural healing process.

What to Expect Before and On the Day of Laser Pilonidal Cyst Surgery?

Before the procedure, Dr. Allen Kamrava will meet you for a comprehensive consultation – this can be performed in person, or virtually. During this time, we will go over your medical history, the nature of your condition, and the most effective treatment options for you. On the day of the surgery:

  1. Arrive at the clinic a bit early to complete any necessary paperwork.
  2. Dr. Kamrava will review the steps of the procedure with you, again and answer any questions
  3. The area of the pilonidal cyst will be shaved and numbed with local anesthetic.
  4. The laser surgery will then be performed. The entire procedure takes about 15-20 minutes.

What to Expect After Laser Pilonidal Cyst Surgery?

Most patients report that the pain after laser surgery is about a 4 out of 10 for a day or two, and very tolerable (worst reported has been 8 out of 10). The cyst will drain fluid after treatment for 2-3 weeks, and the small holes (between 2 – 5 mm in diameter) will heal between 1 – 2 months from procedure. Dr. Kamrava provides each patient with a custom home care kit for care and cleaning as it heals. Most patients return to their daily routines the next day, if not within a few days. We’ll also schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your healing process. Our team is always available for any questions or concerns during your recovery.

Benefits of Our In Office Laser Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

Choosing pilonidal cyst laser treatment near me at our clinic comes with numerous advantages:

  • Minimally Invasive: Minimal scarring and post-operative discomfort. 

  • Quick Recovery Time: Most patients resume daily activities with a day or two.

  • Reduced Pain: Many patients report lower pain levels compared to traditional surgical methods. (No Narcotic Pain Medications needed)

  • Expert Care: From consultation to aftercare, you are in the hands of experienced professionals.

  • No Anesthesia Needed: Dr. Kamrava has pioneered the safe and effective use of the laser in the office setting, eliminating the risk, burden, and costs of hospitals and surgical centers.

  • Convenient Timing: As this is performed in the comfort of Dr. Kamrava’s office, scheduling is prompt and easy. 

  • No Anesthesia Needed: Dr. Kamrava has pioneered the safe and effective use of the laser in the office setting, eliminating the risk, burden, and costs of hospitals and surgical centers.

  • Drive yourself home: Without anesthesia, there is no requirement for someone to chauffeur you back home.

Why Dr. Allen Kamrava?

Dr. Allen Kamrava is a dual board-certified surgeon who specializes in state-of-the-art surgical procedures. He is associate teaching faculty in the department of surgery at Cedars Sinai Meical Center, actively partaking in educating the next generation of surgeons. He has extensive experience in pilonidal cyst management and care, making him one of the most reliable and skilled physicians in this field. Coupled with a patient-centric approach, he and his team are here to offer you the best care possible.

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