When you aim to look your best, that goal includes all aspects of your physical appearance. With this philosophy in mind, cosmetic anal procedures benefit the consummate perfectionist who wants a customized, clean aesthetic throughout his or her body.

In addition to the highly advanced treatment of colorectal diseases, Dr. Kamrava also performs cosmetic anal procedures for those who want to maintain a fresh appearance. Since he is a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Kamrava’s cosmetic treatments are performed with a superior degree of medical care. You won’t find this meticulous attention to detail anywhere else.

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Rectal beautification is becoming an increasingly popular routine for many individuals. A polished, uniform look for one of your most intimate body parts is desirable for a variety of reasons. Proper hygiene, self-care, and beauty treatments are standard practices in daily life. When you give a healthy amount of thought and attention to other physical areas of your body, you may not want to forget about your anus.

Professional Services

Your comfort, confidentiality, and safety are top priorities when you visit a medical professional, such as Dr. Kamrava, for cosmetic anal procedures. You will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas about the aesthetic appearance of your anus. In this private and discreet environment, Dr. Kamrava will answer any questions you may have and provide experienced guidance.

Cosmetic Anal Procedures – Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never considered cosmetic and anus before, you may have many questions about these procedures. It’s perfectly natural to ask many questions before you decide to undergo a cosmetic treatment. During his consultations, Dr. Kamrava encourages an open dialogue in a comfortable and relaxed setting. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please call our office at 424.279.8222 to find out more or schedule an appointment.

Q: What is a cosmetic anal procedure?

A: Cosmetic anal procedures is a healing process of the skin around the anus. It’s done for aesthetic purposes when an individual wants to achieve a new look that is elegant and refined. An example would be an anal skin tag removal procedure that is done in our office in as little as 15 minutes.

Q: Can “it” look good again?

A: Can we flatten the skin around the anus? As we age, the hemorrhoids around the anal canal tend to swell and then dissipate. However, as the skin stretches, that stretched skin can remain. The extra skin, often referred to as an anal tag, can make hygiene difficult and cause generalized discomfort. Depending on their location and size, they can be removed in the office, or if needed due to comfort or size, in an outpatient surgical center.

Q: Are the procedures painful?

A: What is the healing process? It really depends. For small procedures in the office, the post-procedure pain is usually quite minimal. However, as the procedure gets more involved, it could be more painful. We provide instructions and pain medications in anticipation of these more difficult recoveries to ease the pain and minimize its impact on you.

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