Suffering from chronic hemorrhoids often tests your patience. If you’ve tried over-the-counter medications, but your hemorrhoids persist, discomfort and frustration will start to affect your quality of life. So, what’s the best next step? Minimally invasive hemorrhoid treatment is an effective option that will address the source of your hemorrhoids, rather than just temporarily reduce symptoms.

Dr. Kamrava is a fellowship-trained and board-certified colorectal surgeon who performs non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments, such as sclerotherapy and hemorrhoid banding. When your hemorrhoids have not improved on their own after the use of topical creams, seeking help from a medical professional will help give you fast relief. Here are five ways minimally invasive hemorrhoid treatment will improve your condition.

1. Pain-Free Solutions

The fear of having a painful medical procedure may keep you from visiting a doctor. However, the pain, itching, and discomfort that hemorrhoids produce is likely greater than anything you will experience during a non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment. Hemorrhoid banding is a virtually pain-free procedure because the band is placed above the nerve line.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Los Angeles Dr. Kamrava2. Eliminate Symptoms

When you receive a minimally invasive hemorrhoid treatment, the procedure effectively eliminates symptoms because it is address your condition in comprehensive ways. After hemorrhoid banding, hemorrhoids typically fall off within a week. Sclerotherapy for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids aims to shrink the size of hemorrhoids and can be used on multiple hemorrhoids at one time.

3. No Surgery Required

Non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment is an appropriate solution for grade 1 and early-stage grade 2 hemorrhoids. Make sure that you see an experienced colorectal surgeon as soon as possible if your hemorrhoids do not clear up within one week. If you experience frequent and persist hemorrhoids, but avoid visiting a doctor, surgical intervention may be required. You’ll be a better candidate for a minimally invasive hemorrhoid treatment if you get a proper diagnosis quickly.

4. Comfort and Safety

Sclerotherapy and hemorrhoid banding are time-tested methods that offer both safety and few side effects. Dr. Kamrava’s expertise provides patients with the highest levels of care and comfort. It may be difficult to picture a minimally invasive treatment that involves such a delicate area of the body, but Dr. Kamrava will make sure you feel at ease and confident about your treatment.

5. Convenient In-Office Procedure

Patients enjoy the convenience of having a non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment at their doctor’s office. No hospitalized is required, and you’ll be able to leave the facility after the procedure. Although you may feel some bloating or pressure in the lower abdomen after hemorrhoid banding, the treatment is performed without anesthesia and will not cause long-lasting discomfort.

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