“And almost every year there are varying results that are presented by websites and media outlets. Interestingly enough many studies have shown that moderately drinking wine grants a variety of health benefits.” – Colorectal surgeon

Here are 7 reasons why Drinking Wine is Good for your Health:

Reduces the risk of Heart Attack and Heart Disease:

Enjoying a glass of wine has been shown to lower high blood pressure. Wine drinkers who struggle with hypertension are less likely to experience a heart attack, the risk is lowered by around 30%.

Red Wine also helps against heart disease because it contains Procyanidins. Different types of wine have a higher concentration of Procyanidins. Oui, Oui, to a glass of Red Wine!

It helps you live longer:

People who drink wine live longer than those who drink beer, spirits, and other types of drinks alcoholic drinks. About 34% of wine drinkers had a lower mortality rate.

Lowers Brain Decline and Stroke:

Brain decline is a natural part of the aging process, but drinking wine moderately slows it down. So, those glasses of wine during a bath or after work may actually help you as you grow older.

The risk of experiencing a stroke is lowered by around 50% for people who drink healthy amounts of alcohol.6benefitsofdrinkingwine

Reduction of Type 2 Diabetes Risk:

People that enjoy their wine moderately are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than nondrinkers, in fact, the risk is lowered by 30%. Enjoying the earthy sweet taste of certain types of wine has dare I say, never been sweeter.

Helps lower the risk of Colon Cancer:

Not only is drinking wine good for your heart and brain, it cuts the risk of colon cancer. The risk is lowered by 45% when red wine is enjoyed moderately.

Reduces the risk of Eye Issues:

Moderately drinking wine is also good for your eyes, would you look at that. Evidently, moderate wine drinkers are around 33% less likely to get cataracts than their non-drinking counterparts.

Is Full Of Antioxidants

There are antioxidants called Resveratrol found in wine that has shown to protect against cancer and kill free radicals.