According to Dr. Kamrava, rectal trauma can be a serious medical concern for many people.

Rectal trauma can be the result of blunt trauma to the rectum, which can result from various anal sex play activities. Dr. Kamrava has outlined methods for performing proper anal sex, and sites the keys to proper anal sex to avoid rectal trauma.

According to Dr. Kamrava, anal sex can be a natural, enjoyable enterprise and when done correctly, rectal trauma can be avoided. However, he warns that there are correct and incorrect techniques for performing the act. rectal trauma

According to the doctor, the biggest mistake often made is not properly massaging the anal area to prepare it for insertion, or not using sufficient lubrication.

The point to remember is that the anus is combination of  muscles that, when properly dilated, can expand to a relatively large circumference. If properly prepared, the anal cavity can dilate sufficiently to allow insertion of a phallic object without causing rectal trauma.

Dr. Kamrava says that as a physician, he is aware of many patients who regularly practice anal sex and who have properly functioning rectums. The problem occurs when people do not properly prepare for insertion into the anal cavity. The key is to properly stimulate the area by massaging or by inserting a smaller preparatory object.

According to Kamrava,  injuries can result from anal sex, such as small mucosal tears, but typically those injuries are caused by chronicity of anal insertion and will heal on their own.

He sites one of the biggest problems with anal sex play is people inserting foreign objects into the anal cavity and loosing hold of the object, causing the object to get stuck in the the anal cavity.

If you are experiencing rectal trauma, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kamrava. He can be reached at  424.279.8222.