About Pilonidal Sinus

What Is A Pilonidal Sinus?

Pilonidal sinus is the chronic inflammation of a natal cleft. How or why this disease develops is as of yet unknown. However, ingrown hair or congenital malformations in the coccyx region may be the cause. A pilonidal sinus can be very unpleasant and may become very painful if left untreated. Dr. Kamrava, a top-rated Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles doctor, specializes in and has several years of experience in the treatment of Pilonidal sinuses.

About Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles

Unlike traditional methods, our highly advanced pilonidal treatment system treats pilonidal disease at an in-depth level. Our pilonidal sinus laser treatment removes sinuses and inflammable structures with microsurgery.  The pilonidal sinus laser treatment surgical technique is quick and efficient, taking approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Our advanced laser treatment option ensures that healthy tissue is not damaged. Thus, the healing process associated with our pilonidal sinus laser treatment is less painful, easier and quicker. Typically, our patients can return to their daily routine within a few weeks of the surgery.

Specifically, we treat many patients who have had unsuccessful treatments by other doctors. A large contingency of our patients falls under this category.

Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles Benefits

Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles

– Our advanced laser treatment method ensures a less painful intervention

– The precision of the laser treatment ensures that healthy tissue is not damaged

– Pain associated with post-treatment is reduced

– The healing process is accelerated

– Scar formation is eliminated because of the precision of the laser

– Recovery time is reduced because of the precision of the laser treatment

How To Prepare for the Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles

To prepare for a pilonidal sinus laser treatment, a pre-examination is needed. This is to ensure that there is not another underlying cause of your symptoms. If it is found to in fact be pilonidal disease, Dr. Kamrava will arrange a surgery with you to remedy the disease.

*Please note that a mild anesthetic is used during the procedure.

Post-Operative Treatment

Pilonidal Laser Treatment is an outpatient procedure; patients go home immediately after the procedure. Our precise use of medication ensures that minimal pain occurs after the operation and that there is no hospital stay. After discharge from the hospital, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled with Dr. Kamrava.

About Dr. Kamrava

Dr. Allen Kamrava is a Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles specialist who has helped countless people with pilonidal disease. Dr. Kamrava utilizes the most advanced surgical techniques to ensure that each one of his patients receives the best of care.