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In the United States high blood pressure leads to more than 15% of deaths annually. People with high blood pressure are at greater risk of experiencing a variety of adverse health issues, including heart attack, organ failure, aneurysms & strokes.

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People suffering from high blood pressure can lower it naturally, and avoid dealing with medication side effects.

Los Angeles based surgeon, Dr. Allen Kamrava discusses effective methods for naturally lowering blood pressure.

Exercise Colorectal Surgeon Los AngelesColorectal Surgeon Los Angeles

  • Patients suffering from hypertension who went for briskly paced walks were able to lower their blood pressure naturally.
  • Exercise allows the heart to use oxygen more efficiently. Getting at least thirty minutes of vigorous exercise every other day will also help lower blood pressure.
  • Yoga and Tai Chi help lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone; five minutes of meditative practice during mornings and nights will help lower blood pressure

Lower Work Stress Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles

Working forty+ hours per week raises the risk of hypertension by 15%.

Spending long hours at the office can also affect your heart.  Long work hours exacerbate the  stress hormone, cortisol and make it difficult to eat healthy and exercise. Sitting for long periods is bad for your heart. Preparing a healthy meal before work, and making time to take a walk during the day will lower hypertension. Standing and stretching at work is recommended.

Doctors advise that you should get your blood pressure checked every 2 years to avoid medical complications. Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles

Watch Sodium Intake

Health data suggests that African Americans, the elderly, and people with a family history of high blood pressure seem to be especially sensitive to the negative effects of sodium. Unfortunately there is no way to tell if someone is sensitive to sodium. So it is advised that everyone should lower their salt intake to 1,500 mg’s per day in order have low blood pressure.

Eat Healthier Foods Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles

Foods that contain large amounts of potassium help lower blood pressure.Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles

  • potatoes
  • beans
  • peas
  • bananas
  • tomatoes
  • herbal teas w/ hibiscus
  • Did you know that dark chocolate makes blood vessels more elastic and lowers the risk of high blood pressure!