A relatively easy way to engage in having a healthy diet is by using additives that replace sugar.

It’s often very convenient to simply tear open the nearest sucralose packet, pour it into your coffee and effectively cut your caloric intake. Dr. Kamrava, the Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles, wants you to know that Splenda, a sugar additive that you may use, has just been linked to cancer in a new study.

A study that was just published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health features an experiment done on mice that ingested sucralose.

The experiment found mice that ate sucralose each day Colorectal Surgeon Los Angelesthroughout their lives eventually came to develop blood cancers including leukemia.

In response to this study, several respected nutritional centers, including the Center for Science in the Public Interest, are recommending that sucralose is avoided by consumers completely. In 2013, sucralose was studied to be still relatively safe to eat – thus making this experiment’s new findings absolutely earth shattering.

Disregarding this study, sucralose is unhealthy for other reasons. Research done in the past shows that ingesting sucralose carries a variety of negative factors.  For example, drinking diet soda could cause an increased amount of belly fat.

Another study shows that drinking diet soda daily is associated with a jump in obesity risk by 41%. In addition to that, sucralose has even been linked to altering blood sugar and insulin levels.

Some critics are denouncing the study’s findings. Critics believe that replicating the experiment’s effects in the human population is virtually impossible and ultimately unrealistic. When the experiment is scaled to affect the human body, it requires that a person drink at minimum 10 cans of diet soda each day. To address the critics, researchers are saying that the study doesn’t need to be replicated exactly to result in cancer; drinking a low dosage of Splenda may be just as risky as drinking a lot.