Dr. Kamrava, the colorectal surgeon Beverly Hills, has been recognized as a ‘SuperDoctors Rising Star’ for 2016.

This amazing recognition comes on the tails of the doctor’s relentless pursuit to provide quality colorectal care to patients around the country. The doctor recognizes this award as a great achievement and is honored to be considered a ‘SuperDoctors Rising Star’.

Dr. Allan Kamrava is a board certified colorectal surgeon who utilizes innovative techniques to treat colorectal conditions, such as colorectal cancer and hemorrhoids. Dr. Kamrava received a BS in Neuroscience from UCLA and then went on to complete his residency at Kaiser Permanente; a Los Angeles based hospital. He did his fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania in colon and rectal surgery.

Super Doctors 2014 Dr. Kamrava

Dr. Kamrava is on the cutting edge of colorectal medicine and has largely recognized as a top colorectal doctor. In recognition of his unwavering service, he has been honored with the SuperDoctors Rising Star recognition.

Receiving the SuperDoctors Rising Star award is no small feat. There is a lengthy and involved selection process that a committee uses to select their doctor, and many areas of the doctor’s practice are scrutinized. The multistep process is designed to recognize doctors who have attained a high level of recognition, both by patients and by colleagues.

The first part of the process is to be nominated either by another physician, or by the board who peruse publications for doctors who have received special mention. With a composite list of names, the next step is to rank the doctors using a long list of criteria, including years of experience, fellowships, leader positions, publications, honors and awards, and other outstanding achievements.

Nominated doctors are then grouped by specialties. The leaders of the relative groups form a committee who come together to evaluate doctors as a whole, ranking them on the various criteria outlined. Whoever has the highest number of total points wins the award. Dr. Kamrava was pleased to learn that he was to be the recipient of the award.