Fecal Transplant Pill:

Dr Kamrava has just announced an amazing technological breakthrough in his use of pills to do fecal transplants.

This amazing advancement is changing the fecal transplant procedure, as it is much less invasive than previously utilized procedures. The procedure is conveniently performed in the office and no anesthesia or bowl prep is required.

About Fecal Transplants:

In a fecal transplant procedure, your physician transplants fecal material from a donor who has healthy, well functioning bacteria production, to a patient whose body no longer produces the healthy fecal bacteria it so requires. When the newly introduced healthy bacteria enter the recipient’s body, it begins to fight of the C. Diff infection that made the patient ill.

About C. Diff infections:

C. Diff is a specific kind of bacteria that causes an infection in the gut. C. Diff infections produce symptoms ranging from diarrhea to severe abdominal pain. It is typically diagnosed and controlled for before reaching critical levels, however, once past a certain stage, the infection can become life threatening.fecal transplant

Dr. Kamrava is leading the charge in the implementation of this new technology.

Dr. Kamrava is a leading practitioner in the colorectal sciences and is perennially an innovator and a vanguard in his discipline. Very few doctors are utilizing this new technology, simply because they are unaware of its existence. Dr. Kamrava is confident that this new technological breakthrough will help alleviate much discomfort in patients suffering from the debilitating C. Diff infection.