Dr. Kamrava is proud to offer a variety of modern colorectal treatments to his patients. These include wide range of treatments for hemorrhoids, robotic surgery, fecal transplants, cosmetic anal reconstruction (AKA “rejuvenation”), and more! Dr. Kamrava is a fellowship-trained and board-certified colorectal surgeon.

Learn more about the highly effective colorectal treatments that Dr. Kamrava provides:


Colon Rectal, and Anal Cancer Surgery

When cancer needs to be removed from the anusrectum, or colon, Dr. Kamrava uses the most appropriate treatment for each patient’s specific case. Polypectomy and local excision to remove tumors are surgeries for early-stage cancers. To treat advanced colorectal cancers, laparoscopic-assisted colectomy and robotic surgery are the most advanced surgical options.

Hemorrhoids Los Angeles Colorectal SurgeonMinimally Invasive Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid banding and sclerotherapy are effective non-surgical methods for treating grade 1 and early-stage grade 2 hemorrhoids. They both provide relief for internal hemorrhoids. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a chemical solution called phenol into tissue that surrounds the hemorrhoids. Phenol produces scar tissue that shrinks the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid banding cuts off blood supply to a hemorrhoid, causing it to fall off within a few days.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic colorectal surgery uses technological advancements to provide patients with a minimally invasive operation. During the operation, Dr. Kamrava controls a robotic instrument that operates on a patient with intricate tools. The precise instruments allow more delicate maneuverability. Unlike standard colorectal treatments, which require a large abdominal incision, a robot-assisted procedure utilizes smaller incisions. Less surgical trauma produces less pain, a shorter recovery time, and more aesthetically-pleasing cosmetic results.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy) is often necessary when gallstones form in the gallbladder or bile duct. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy reduces the risk of surgical infections and promotes a faster recovery time. The small incisions made to remove the gallbladder produce less pain and heal more seamlessly than a standard large incision.

Lipoma Removal

Excessive pain, tenderness, infection, inflammation, or foul-smelling discharge may prompt lipoma removal. Although lipomas are non-cancerous soft tissue growths that often can be left alone, when lipoma removal is needed, it is as an outpatient procedure that extracts the lipoma without hospitalization.

Fast Track Colonoscopy

Colon cancer screenings are an essential part of colon health. This is because the early stages of colon cancer often have no symptoms. A fast track colonoscopy makes screening for colon cancer easy. Otherwise healthy patients who have no family history of the disease may only need average-risk colon cancer screenings. These individuals may qualify for a fast track colonoscopy, which does not require a prior consultation before the procedure.

Gallstones Treatment Los Angeles Colorectal SurgeonRhomboid Flap Technique for a Pilonidal Cyst

Dr. Kamrava is fellowship-trained in the use of the rhomboid flap technique, a cutting-edge technique which makes the use of health tissue to aid in the healing of pilonidal cyst surgery. Rather than producing an open wound that is difficult to heal, the wound is replaced with nearby healthy skin. This makes the healing process more comfortable than standard surgery.

Fecal Transplants

When antibiotics are administered to a patient, the medicine does not distinguish between the bacterial infection that it needs to eliminate and the healthy bacteria that should remain in the body. When the body does not have healthy bacteria, the harmful bacteria Clostridium Difficile can cause an infection that makes the patient ill. A fecal transplant is a colorectal treatment that brings healthy bacteria back into the body.

Cosmetic Anal Rejuvenation

Cosmetic anal rejuvenation is becoming an increasingly popular colorectal treatment. A polished, uniform look for one of your most intimate body parts is desirable for the consummate perfectionist. Proper hygiene and self-care are standard practices in daily life, and you may not want to forget about your entire body when planning your beauty routine.

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