About 200,000 individuals suffer from anal fistulas every year. If not treated immediately, they can become very uncomfortable. Anal fistulas are painful and can even cause bleeding in your anal canal. Luckily, anal fistula laser treatments exist, but what if you can avoid fistulas completely?

Los Angeles colorectal surgeon Dr. Allen Kamrava shares 4 top tips you should follow to prevent anal fistulas.

1. Eat Plenty Of Fiber

Anal fistulas occur when you are constipated and pass hard, large, or dry stools. Eating plenty of fiber throughout the day will decrease your chances of constipation. Consume about 20 to 35 grams of fiber every day. Include wheat bread, citrus fruits, and prunes in your diet. If this doesn’t help with your constipation, ask your doctor about fiber supplements.

2. Drink More WaterAnal fistula laser treatment

Increase your water intake to soften stools, which pass more easily through your body. On warmer days and days filled when you are more physically active, remember to drink more water.

3. Exercise

Lack of exercise is one of the most common causes of constipation. Keep your digestive system moving by exercising at least 30 minutes a day. You do not have to perform advanced workouts to get your bowels moving. A simple 30-minute walk around the block will make a difference for your digestive system.

4. Incorporate Healthy Bowel Habits

Never ignore your urge to go to the restroom. The signals that let you know you need to go weaken every time you wait. Many people are unaware that rushing in the restroom can also cause constipation. Remember to always give yourself enough time in the toilet.

About Dr. Allen Kamrava

Board-certified in colorectal and general surgery, Dr. Allen Kamrava is an expert in treating colon cancer, anal fistulas, and anal fissures. Follow his Facebook to stay updated with the latest health tips.