Dr. Kamrava, the Colorectal Surgeon Los Angeles, wants you to know that eye damage can be a consequence of our attachment to electronics. Many of us are constantly preoccupied with our digital devices.

We often use an electronic device after waking, at work, and even when we come home. Essentially, we live in a world in which we are constantly viewing something on an electronic screen. However, with seven simple tips, we can protect our eyes.

Exercise Your Eyes

Staring at a screen for a prolonged amount of time can cause hurtful eyestrain. To prevent ocular strain, you can start by exercising your eyes at a 30-minute interval. Blink rapidly, roll your eyes around, or try looking in different directions away from your electronic screen.

Put Space Between Your Eyes and Screen

We often hold our electronic devices very closely to our eyes. Try keeping your device an arm’s length away from you at all times, that includes when you’re either sitting or lying down.

Get Some Sun

A circadian rhythm is one’s natural sleep cycle; looking at screens can disrupt this cycle, making it harder for one to fall asleep. Try stepping outside and going for a jog. Exposing yourself to natural light can maintain your circadian rhythm and help you fall asleep faster.Kamrava Blog Pic

Lower Your Screen’s Lighting

Always remember to adjust your screen’s light setting depending on your particular surroundings. If your screen is too light or too dark, your eyes will be strained when looking at it. In a bright surrounding? Brighten your phone. In a dark surrounding? Lower your screen’s brightness.

Remove Glare

Glare can make it hard for you to read your screen. Try to reduce glare by avoiding window seating, excessively bright environments, or camera flashes.

Wear Light-Reducing Glasses

Schedule an appointment with your optometrist about light-reducing glasses. An optometrist could aid you in finding glasses that lessen the amount of light that enters your eyes. Remember that these glasses are not the same as your current prescription or reading glasses.

Try Putting Your Device Down

Our simplest tip! Go out and exercise, sit down and read, or maybe try to meditate. Whatever you do, try to limit the amount of time you look at an electronic device.