According to colorectal surgeon Dr Kamrava, getting sufficient sleep may make a huge difference in your overall health. Here’s why.

We all could use a little more sleep. However, what you may not realize is that getting sufficient sleep may make a huge difference in your overall health. The recommended amount of sleep is between 7 to 8 hours a night. If you are falling short of that, you may want to read this article. Here are a list of 8 reasons to get proper sleep.

  1. Better overall health

    There have been countless studies that link insufficient sleep to problems such as heart attacks, obesity, diabetes and more. Even in the short term, insufficient sleep can adversely affect your health.

  2. Improved sex life.

    According to a poll conducted by the National Health Association, 25% of Americans say their sex life is affected by being too tired. Furthermore, insufficient sleep is linked to lower testosterone in men. Getting enough sleep can help improve your overall sex life.

  3. Less chronic pain.dr kamrava

    Several studies have shown causal relationships between getting enough sleep and decreased pain associated with injury or chronic pain. Sleep can help your body heal and releases certain hormones that aid in pain relief.

  4. Lower chance of injury.

    Sleep deprivation has been directly linked to increased chances of on-the-job injury. When you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to have an injury, and that extends to routine actions like driving, where being too groggy is actually illegal.

  5. Improved mood.

    Have you ever noticed how much more cranky you get when you don’t get enough sleep. Tired people are more susceptible to mood swings. Sleep is directly tied into your overall mood and disposition. Mood, in turn, also directly affects your overall health.

  6. Weight control.

    Sleep affects weight in several ways. If you are too tired, you are less likely to be active and do active stuff. Also, there is a direct physiological link between sleep and the weight controlling hormone leptin, which dictates eating habits. Being tired makes you hungrier and makes your body crave fatty, high-calorie foods.

  7. A clearer mind.

    Getting enough sleep allows the brain to regulate and secrete proper hormones that affect your ability to think. Have you ever noticed how much sloppier your work gets the more tired you get? The brain is a muscle, and like any muscle, it needs plenty of rest to function properly. This can affect cognitive abilities such as recall and how you interpret stimuli.

  8. Better immunity

    Studies show the direct link between getting enough sleep and how often you get sick. Getting proper sleep helps stave off illness, while not sleeping enough leaves you susceptible to illness.